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Esteki A, Professor , Head of Department

Reseach Area

Modeling of Physiological Systems Signal Processing - Rehabilitation Biomechanics




Ahmadi M, Associate Professor

Resarch Area

Bioinstrumentation Signal Processing - Nano Engineering


Ameri A, Assistant Professor

Reseach Area

Health Diagnostics and Predictive analytics- Biological Signal Processing and Control - Rehabilitation Engineering - Human Machine Interfaces




Deevband MR, Associate Professor

Reseach Area

Imaging and Medical Imaging Equipment - Dosimetry - Radiation Protection 




Ghorbani M, Assistant Professor

Reseach Area

Radiotherapy Physics- Brachytheraphy- MonteCarlo Simulation



Mostaar A, Associate Professor

Reseach Area

Radiotherapy and Radiobiology - MonteCarlo Simulation - Gel Dosimeter- Optical CT 




Rafii-Tabar H, Professor

Reseach Area

Application of Nanosciences in Neurology -Interaction of electromagnetic waves with biological cells - Nanoscience Oncology- Hyperthermia




Sasanpour P, Associate Professor

Reseach Area

Biophotonics - Biosensors - Neural Engineering - Low Noise Mesurement Circuit Design - Bioelectromagnetics



Shahghadami R, Instructor

Reseach Area

Medical Informatics



Shalbaf, A, Assistant Professor

Reseach Area

Medical Image Processing, Pattern Recognition, Computational Neuroscience

Asadian, E, Assistant Professor

Reseach Area

Biosensors, Drug Delivery Systems, 2D Materials, Bioelectrochemistry


Department of Biomedical Eng. and Medical Physics


School of Medicine, Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences ,Yaman St., Evin,Tehran, Iran 1985717443

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